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Here at EDC we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a securities platform. By integrating multiple blockchains into a single application, issuers and investors can now manage every aspect of their relationship in a completely decentralized, secure manner.

With our solutions the securities industry will never be the same. Issuers and investors can now enjoy features and functionality previously unavailable to them on any other trading platform.


EDC has designed and built its own blockchain we call Equibit; a peer-to-peer network for creating and transferring equity. This allows issuers and investors anywhere to instantly transfer title to equity units called ‘equibits’ without any reliance on a transfer agent... and at practically no cost. With the use of equibits issuers can even restrict their units to prevent transfers of their equity to unauthorized parties.

24/7/365 TRADING

The Equibit Network operates day and night all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Wherever you have an Internet connection you can securely transact with anyone else using Equibit. With settlement times of 10 minutes or less, you'll never be left waiting to complete a trade.


A unique benefit to issuing using equibits is that your investors can now perform their own stock splits. Each equibit is divisible to 8 decimal places and therefore transferring fractional shares is not only possible, but common. Issuers will never need to increase the liquidity of their shares through stock splits and dividends.


The Equibit blockchain is built on world-class security, using encryption that matches or exceeds most financial institutions. It allows for the creation of unforgeable equity units and an incorruptible chain of custody. This, in turn, is supported by the world’s largest and most powerful computer network; therefore you can be confident that your assets are secure against attackers.


Getting information about companies is easier than ever on the Equibit platform! Due to the transparent nature of blockchain technology, data on completed trades and earnings distributions is stored publicly and can be examined at any time by anyone connected to the network.


Our application includes a P2P communications protocol for easy and secure distribution of bid/ask orders, proxy assignments, meeting notices, MD&A’s and much more. Issuers can even privately poll their shareholders and create a vote tally that all participants can audit.


Equibit makes it easier than ever to comply with regulations over exempt distributions. Trusted actors on the network can certify the status of accredited investors and issuing companies can connect to these communities allowing the free-flow of their shares within trusted groups.


Paying out dividends has never been easier. With just a few clicks, issuers can now create a Bitcoin-denominated distribution and send payments to all their shareholders of record.

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