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At Equibit Group we’re not only changing the way capital markets work; we’re changing the way blockchain applications are built.

By integrating multiple blockchains and seamlessly coordinating activities across them we're able to build applications with a robust and complete set of features required by an issuer/investor relationship.


The Equibit reference standard. This application contains all the software necessary to run a full node on the Equibit Network. Equibit Core also interfaces with Bitcoin in order to complete the user experience. All functionality is delivered through a command line interface so developers can add whatever GUI they desire or integrate into their existing financial software.


For individual investors and issuers looking to participate on the Equibit platform. Our portfolio app allows you to transfer, buy, sell, authorize and cancel equibits. It also includes Bitcoin functionality allowing you to easily and seamlessly complete trades and communicate securely with other market participants.


Now it's easy for enterprise and app developers to build industry-leading Bitcoin and Equibit infrastructure. With certified FIPS 140-2 security over your private keys and high speed, hardware-based encryption you can be sure your application will perform under even the heaviest loads.

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